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Comp Card as PDF & JPG

The pros among you need a Comp Card more than ever! That's why everyone can now easily create a amazing Composite Card and immediately download as digital PDF & JPG File. Our Comp Card Maker provides 20 amazing designs and templates for the cover as well as for the back of your Model Comp Card. Our latest feature allows actors and actress to add their references or any text instead of your measurements.

Design your Comp Card

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Comp Card Printing

Let us do your Comp Card printing! We deliver your printed model cards in excellent quality to your home. 300g or 350g premium paper? Silky gloss or without any coating? With our Comp Card Maker, you can design and order your own version according to your needs. We work with a high-professional printing company who lovingly takes care of your comp card prints.

Print your Comp Card

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Online Model Comp Card

The free online Comp Cards are here! They don't only display your body dimensions and pictures, but also the number of your followers, your Instagram feed, YouTube videos, references, and much more. You will get a personal link to your comp card so that you can quickly and easily share it with customers.

Comp Card Examples

A small selection of currently created Comp Cards. Those beautiflul samples may help you create your own model comp card.

Pricing & Cost

How much is a Comp Card? If you need Comp Cards on regular base, you should check our package prices.

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